Security Advice

We would suggest you always follow your instincts and the following guidelines .....

  1. Never return a call to a landline at a specific time, it could be a payphone.
  2. You can prevent you own number from being sent by prefixing 141 in front of the number to be dialled
  3. Be cautious at all times with your personal security and your property
  4. Never give out an address, name or landline number. Use mobile telephone numbers only
  5. To inspect or transact any item, make prior arrangements to view at a dealership
  6. Never arrange a meeting time, leave with the dealer then notify
  7. All final transactions must be completed through agreement at a registered dealer
  8. Never leave any items on display or unattended within a vehicle
  9. If you have to meet to transact an item, meet in a public place with a companion, never alone
  10. The Use of Paypal will make known AN ADDRESS to the recipient
  11. Always Use a registered dealer from the Gundeal site

If you require any further information please contact us