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Henry - Big Boy Steel

Henry Lever Action Rifle model Big Boy Steel in .357magnum, 38special at The Reload Shop
Trade £795.00 View Dealer's Store

Rizzini - Round Body Custom

The Rizzini action is somewhat Browning-like, with hammers hinged at the trigger plate and sears from the top strap, and a low- mounted bolt running a...
Trade £295.00 View Dealer's Store

Merkel - RX.Helix

**FOR SALE** **1 OFF Demonstrator** .308 Merkel RX.Helix Alpinist Straight Pull Rifle 21" Screw Cut .308 Barrel B&T .308 Moderator MeOpta Me...
Trade £2950 View Dealer's Store


ISSC Modern Sporting Rifle .22 semi auto rifle model MK22
Trade £595.00 View Dealer's Store

Armsan - RS-S1

**FOR SALE** **BRAND NEW** 12G Armsan RS-S1 Semi Automatic Shotgun Mono Adjustable Stock 24" Barrel Comes with both a 5+1 magazine and a 10+...
Trade £850 View Dealer's Store

Silma - Field

SILMA: a family-run company, which has been producing sporting and hunting weapons for about 55 years, in a wide range ranging from cheap shotguns...
Trade £350.00 View Dealer's Store

Ruger - PRO DUTY A9

RUGER 9mm pistol model A9 Pro Duty
Trade £695.00 View Dealer's Store

Ruger - GP100

RUGER GP100 .357magnum revolver 6" barrel
Trade £995.00 View Dealer's Store

Ruger - GP100

RUGER GP100 .357magnum revolver 4" barrel
Trade £995.00 View Dealer's Store

Ruger - SR1911

RUGER SR1911 .45acp pistol
Trade £995.00 View Dealer's Store

Sig Sauer - 522 Classic

SIG SAUER 522 Classic .22lr semi-auto rifle available at The Reload Shop located at the premier target shooting facility in Northern Ireland, 30 minut...
Trade £725.00 View Dealer's Store

Classic Doubles - Trap

Classic Doubles Trap 12 G over and under shotgun 30" Barrel Choke 3/4 Full
Trade £550.00 View Dealer's Store

Beretta - 686 Special

Beretta 686 over and under shotgun, 28in barrel
Trade £595.00 View Dealer's Store

Walther - G22

The Walther G22 is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in the popular .22 Long Rifle cartridge, made by Walther. It is of bullpup design and constructed ...
Trade £325 View Dealer's Store

cz - 75b

This CZ 75B is without a doubt the gold standard of 9mm pistols. Sebastian Tan – May 20, 2016 : Good low recoil. Marcus Fidel – April 16, 2016 : I...
Trade £425.00 View Dealer's Store

Norconia - 1911a1

This is a 9mm 1911A1-style double-stack, it works with a nearly identical design to the ParaOrd. They are well made and well worth the price.
Trade £350 View Dealer's Store

Ruger - Mini 14

**FOR SALE** .223 Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle Straight Pull 2 x 20 round magazines 1 x 5 round magazines Nikkostirling 3-9X40 Scope In Excellent...
Trade £695 View Dealer's Store

Weihrauch - HW 60 J

**FOR SALE** .22WMR Weihrauch HW60 J Bolt Action Rifle 5 round magazine 22" Barrel Hawke Nite-Eye 3-10X44IR Scope In Excellent Condition £...
Trade £395 View Dealer's Store

Weihrauch - HW97K

**FOR SALE** **AS NEW** .22 Weihrauch HW 97K Under Lever Air Rifle Synthetic Thumbhole Stock 3-9X32 Scope In As new condition £295 Call Lav...
Trade SOLD View Dealer's Store

Sabatti - Scout

Sabatti Scout bolt action rifle available in .223, 300win, .308, 6.5 x 47 Lapua and 6.5 Creedmoor. Features: Synthetic thumbhole stock with adjustabl...
Trade £899.00 View Dealer's Store
Showing All Items1 - 20 of 947