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CZ - 452

C.Z. 452 Bolt Action Rifle in .22lr. A highly customised 452 featuring a sixteen inch light barrel that has been threaded and recrowned by a smith, a...
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Ruger - 77/22

Ruger 77/22 Bolt Action Rifle in .22 Hornet. A near mint example of Rugers most popular series of hunting rifles. This features a light all weather b...
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Ruger - M77

Ruger M77 Bolt Action Rifle in .220 Swift A fine American hunting rifle from Ruger featuring a twenty five inch threaded barrel with all weather coat...
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CZ - 511

C.Z. 511 .22lr Semi-Auto rifle. A classic little .22 from C.Z. the 511 was the fore-runner to the 512 and still represents an excellent small game/ve...
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Anschutz - 1517

Anschutz .17hmr bolt action rifle model 1517 Nikko Stirling 4 x 12 x 50 AO scope Bi-pod
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Howa - 1500

**FOR SALE** .223 Howa 1500 Package Nikkostirling 3-12x56 Diamond Scope Sonic 45 6"-9" Bipod Hard Case In As New condition £795 Call Lav...
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Savage - MKII

**FOR SALE** **BRAND NEW** .22LR Savage Mark II Bolt Action Rifle Adjustable Accutrigger Nikkostirling 4-12X50 Illuminated Scope A-Tec Modera...
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Armscor - M1600R

Armscor M1600R .22lr rifle. A fun little range toy, the Armscor M1600R features AR style carry handle with fixed rear peep sight and front post, Ruge...
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Steyr - Safebolt

Steyr 'Safebolt' in .308 Win. A fine hunting or target rifle with a long proven track record the safebolt features atwenty five inch threaded barrel,...
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CZ - 452

C.Z. 452 in .22 WMR. A well cared for hunting/target rifle from C.Z. featuring back up iron sights, a hardwood stock with Bavarian style comb, a ligh...
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CZ - 750

**FOR SALE** .308 CZ 750 S1M1 Bolt Action rifle 24.5" Barrel 2 x 10 round magazines Height Adjustable Comb and Butt Pad Comes with original...
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Ruger - 10/22

**FOR SALE** .22LR Ruger 10/22 Semi Automatic Rifle 16" Kidd Screw Cut barrel Edgar Brothers 3-12X50 Scope Large Magazine Release Lightened ...
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Sauer - 202

Sauer 202 6.5x55 Rifle Package. A beautiful example of one of the finest hunting firearms available. Featuring a deep blue finish, two tone hardwood ...
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CZ - 455 American

**BRAND NEW** **FOR SALE** .22LR CZ 455 American 16" Barrel Screw cut Nikkostirling 4-12X50 Illuminated Scope A-Tec Moderator £595 Call La...
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Brno - Semi Auto

**FOR SALE** .22LR BRNO Semi Automatic Rifle 21" Barrel Nikkostirling 4 X 40 Scope Leather Sling 2 x 10 round magazines £295 Call Lavin G...
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Browning - T-Bolt

Browning T-Bolt Sporter in .22lr
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Anschutz - MSR RX22

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Tikka - T3 Varmint

**FOR SALE** .223 Tikka T3 Varmint Bolt action rifle 19" Varmint Barrel Wildcat Predator 4 Moderator AimSport 3-12X50 Illuminated Scope 6" -...
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Weihrauch - HW66

**FOR SALE** .22LR Weihrauch HW60 Bolt Action Rifle BSA Contender 8-32X50 Scope Moderator In Excellent condition £495 Call Lavin Guns on 0...
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Finnish Mosin - M91/30

A 1943 M91/30 Finnish Mosin in tiger stripe colouration with a Tikka barrel. This is an all original and rare example with a round receiver. It's esti...
Private £750
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