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Podium Bore Snake in 20g.

A high quality bore snake from Podium featuring built in bronze bristle brushes.
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5 section swivel cleaning Rod

A GUNDEAL 5 Section screw Cleaning Rod with brass JAG attachment. The rod section measures short of 78cm. is made up ...
Private £12.00

Hoppes Brushes and Mops.

Full range of Hoppes Nylon and Phosphore Bronze brushes and cloth mops in all calibers available all year long.
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Parker Hale Cleaning Rods

We stock a large range of Parker Hale cleaning rods sized from .17 upwards
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Tru-Oil Gun Stock 3oz (90ml)

Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish is the professionals choice for gunstock finishing. Its unique blend of linseed and natural oils dries fast a...
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Brunox Turbo Spray 300ml

Brunox Turbo Spray Gun Care Spray Neutralises hand sweat, displaces humidity Loosens powder,lead, tombac, copper and nickel residues Contains no ...
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