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Name:The Bridge Guns and Tackle Ltd
Description:Located on Butcher Street, Strabane, we stock a wide range of fishing and shooting gear from great brand names. We are open Monday - Saturday 9-5.30
Address:19-21 Butcher Street, Strabane, Tyrone
Postcode:BT82 8BJ
Landline No.:02871880826
Specialises In:We stock a wide range of hunting clothes and accessories, dog training equipment, reloading gear, ammo @ competative prices and plenty of sporting firearms. Call in to the shop to see our full range!
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Tikka - T3 Lite

Tikka T3 lite in .308 Win. A used T3 in near mint condition featuring a hexagonal receiver, light barrel, phosphor coating on both, light weight synt...
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Sig Sauer - P320

SIG Sauer P320 'Carry' in 9mm. The latest 9mm from SIG was the U.S. Army's pick fo it's new sidearm and has become the most popular new pistol in the...
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Tikka - T3 Tactical

Tikka T3 Tactical Package in .308 Win. A fine hunting or target rifle from Scandinavia's finest manufacturer. This rifle features a heavy threaded tw...
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Rizzini, E. - Game

Emilio Rizzini Over & Under 12g Sporting Piece. A sturdy design from Italy. The Rezzini features thirty inch barrels, a wide rib, red fibre optic fro...
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CZ - 452

C.Z. 452 Bolt Action Rifle in .22lr. A highly customised 452 featuring a sixteen inch light barrel that has been threaded and recrowned by a smith, a...
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Browning - Gold Fusion

Browning 'Fusion Gold' 12g Semi-Auto. A light and handy semi-auto from Browning. The Fusion features a twenty eight inch barrel with three inch chamb...
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Ruger - M77

Ruger M77 Bolt Action Rifle in .220 Swift A fine American hunting rifle from Ruger featuring a twenty five inch threaded barrel with all weather coat...
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CZ - 511

C.Z. 511 .22lr Semi-Auto rifle. A classic little .22 from C.Z. the 511 was the fore-runner to the 512 and still represents an excellent small game/ve...
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Yildiz - .410 Over & Under

Yildiz .410g. A beautiful little piece, light, short and low recoil, perfect for the beginner youth or pest control.
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Beretta - Outlander

Beretta Outlander 12g Semi Auto. This model features synthetic furniture making this a truly all weather piece perfect for the ducks ;)
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Beretta - AL391

Beretta AL 391 ' Teknys' 12g. A top line version of the popular 391 featuring an adjustable length of pull, 'Stonecoat' coated reciever, white bead f...
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Armscor - M1600R

Armscor M1600R .22lr rifle. A fun little range toy, the Armscor M1600R features AR style carry handle with fixed rear peep sight and front post, Ruge...
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Steyr - Safebolt

Steyr 'Safebolt' in .308 Win. A fine hunting or target rifle with a long proven track record the safebolt features atwenty five inch threaded barrel,...
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CZ - 452

C.Z. 452 in .22 WMR. A well cared for hunting/target rifle from C.Z. featuring back up iron sights, a hardwood stock with Bavarian style comb, a ligh...
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Sauer - 202

Sauer 202 6.5x55 Rifle Package. A beautiful example of one of the finest hunting firearms available. Featuring a deep blue finish, two tone hardwood ...
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Hornady Micrometer

Hornady Micrometer for precisely measuring the diameter of bullets and cases.
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Hornady Digital Calipers.

Hornady Digital Calipers. Features an extra large LCD screen, accurate to .001"/.02mm.
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BSA - .22

B.S.A. .22\5.5mm Break Barrel Air Rifle. an excellent little air rifle package for the money, this B.S.A. features a twelve inch barrel with moderato...
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Bettinsoli - Silver

Bettinsoli Silver 12g.
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Cogswell & Harrison Victor - Windsor

Cogswell & Harrison "Windsor" 12g.
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Showing Items61 - 80 of 299