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Name:The Bridge Guns and Tackle Ltd
Description:Located on Butcher Street, Strabane, we stock a wide range of fishing and shooting gear from great brand names. We are open Monday - Saturday 9-5.30
Address:19-21 Butcher Street, Strabane, Tyrone
Postcode:BT82 8BJ
Landline No.:02871880826
Specialises In:We stock a wide range of hunting clothes and accessories, dog training equipment, reloading gear, ammo @ competative prices and plenty of sporting firearms. Call in to the shop to see our full range!
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Smith & Wesson - 1000

Smith & Wesson Model 1000 12g Semi-Auto. A very interesting semi-auto from the worlds foremost revolver manufacturer. Featuring a 2+1 capacity, fixed...
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Sako - I

Sako .243 Bolt Action Rifle. Top of the line hunting rifle from one of Europes finest manufacturers. This well cared for second hand firearm features...
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Savage - MKII

Savage MKII .22lr Bolt Action Rifle. A great little vermin/target rifle from Savage featuring an all weather coated, fluted heavy barrel with threade...
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Taurus - Single Shot

Taurus .32cal Humane Dispatch Pistol. A single shot humane dispatch pistol from Brazil.
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Smith & Wesson - model 36

Smith & Wesson Model 36 .38 Special Revolver. A wonderful example of a J frame revolver from Smith & Wesson featuring an excellent double and single ...
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Ruger - Mark 11 Target

Ruger MkII Target .22lr Semi-Auto Pistol. A classic from Ruger featuring a heavy bull barrel, post front sight and fully adjustable rear, all stainle...
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Taurus - 38 special

Taurus .38 Special Snub Nosed Revolver. A very handy little revolver from Taurus in Brazil based on the Smith & Wesson J frame design. features an al...
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Steyr Manlicher - Styer SSG 69

Steyr Mannlicher SSG 69 in .308Win. An excellent target rifle from Steyr featuring a black synthetic stock, heavy varmi...
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Enfield - Long Branch

Lee Enfield Long Branch in .308. A great target rifle based on a #4 Mk 1 the Long Branch features after market barrel, target sights, aftermarket wal...
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G.S.G. - 1911-22

G.S.G. 1911-22 .22lr Pistol. An almost faithful copy of a Government model 1911 the G.S.G. features an alloy frame and slide, commander style hammer,...
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Ruger 10/22 Laminate Stock.

A beautiful Thumbhole Laminate Left Hand stock to fit a Ruger 10/22. Over all length=750mm, length of pull=330mm.
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AR500 Steel Target 8" x 8" Gong.

C.T.S. Targets 8" x 8" square AR500 Steel gong. These 2/8th inch thick gongs are rated for handgun calibers up to .45 A....
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AR500 Steel Target 8" Round Gong

AR500 Steel target from C.T.S. Targets. These 3/8th inch thick targets Are rate up to 30-06 at 100 yards. Featuring a si...
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Vibratory Case Tumbler.

Frankford Arsena Quick-N-EZ Vibratory Case Tumbler.
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Vectan TU 3000

Vectan Tubal 3000 Rifle powder 1lb. Sold as an equivalent to Varget in terms of charge volume and burn rate.
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Sierra .224 77 gr HPBT.

Sierra .224 77 gr Hollow Point, Boat Tail, box's of 50.
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Federal Large Rifle Primers.

N.o. 210 Federal Large Rifle Primers x 1,000.
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Trocaola - MK II

Trocaloa .455 Webley Revolver. A quite rare example of a first world war revolver produced in Spain under contract to the British military as they co...
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Taurus - Euro Champion

Taurus Model 96 "Euro Champion" .22lr Revolver. One of the finest .22 revolvers made by Taurus, the 96 features a six round cylinder, all stainless c...
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Ruger - 10/22 .22lr

Ruger 10/22 .22lr with A.T.I. StrikeForce stock. A used 10/22 in good condition with an A.T.I. StrikeForce five postion, side folding stock system. P...
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Showing Items41 - 60 of 283