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Name:The Bridge Guns and Tackle Ltd
Description:Located on Butcher Street, Strabane, we stock a wide range of fishing and shooting gear from great brand names. We are open Monday - Saturday 9-5.30
Address:19-21 Butcher Street, Strabane, Tyrone
Postcode:BT82 8BJ
Landline No.:02871880826
Specialises In:We stock a wide range of hunting clothes and accessories, dog training equipment, reloading gear, ammo @ competative prices and plenty of sporting firearms. Call in to the shop to see our full range!
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Hatsan - ESCORT

Hatsan Escort 12g Semi-Auto. A very well cared for Escort featuring all synthetic furniture, twenty eight inch barrel, brass bead sight, button slide...
Trade £225 View Dealer's Store

Armscor - M1600R

Armscor M1600R .22lr rifle. A fun little range toy, the Armscor M1600R features AR style carry handle with fixed rear peep sight and front post, Ruge...
Trade £250.00 View Dealer's Store

Yildiz - .410 Over & Under

Yildiz .410g. A beautiful little piece, light, short and low recoil, perfect for the beginner youth or pest control.
Trade £595.00 View Dealer's Store

Hatsan - ESCORT

Hatsan Escort Semi-Automatic Camo in 12g. A second hand Escort featuring a Mossy Oak break up pattern, twenty eight inch barrel, green fibre optic si...
Trade £300 View Dealer's Store

Parker Hale - Over and Under

Parker Hale 'Skeet' gun in 12g. A very fine gun for clays featuring twenty six inch barrels with wide rib, white bead mid and black bead front sights...
Trade £550 View Dealer's Store

Tikka - M595

Tikka. M595 in .308 Win. A wonderful target rifle expertly engineered. Features a twenty inch stainless heavy barrel withan M14x1 thread, Tikka's hex...
Trade £1,000 View Dealer's Store

Hornady Micrometer

Hornady Micrometer for precisely measuring the diameter of bullets and cases.
Trade £52.00 View Dealer's Store

Walther/Colt Gold Cup Firing Pin

Replacement firing pin for the Walther/Colt Gold Cup .22lr pistol.
Trade £9.75 View Dealer's Store

Ruger 10/22 Laminate Stock.

A beautiful Thumbhole Laminate Left Hand stock to fit a Ruger 10/22. Over all length=750mm, length of pull=330mm.
Trade £185 View Dealer's Store

AR500 Steel Target 8" x 8" Gong.

C.T.S. Targets 8" x 8" square AR500 Steel gong. These 2/8th inch thick gongs are rated for handgun calibers up to .45 A....
Trade £24.00 View Dealer's Store

AR500 Steel Target 8" Round Gong

AR500 Steel target from C.T.S. Targets. These 3/8th inch thick targets Are rate up to 30-06 at 100 yards. Featuring a si...
Trade £46.00 View Dealer's Store

Vectan TU 3000

Vectan Tubal 3000 Rifle powder 1lb. Sold as an equivalent to Varget in terms of charge volume and burn rate.
Trade £46 View Dealer's Store

Sierra .224 77 gr HPBT.

Sierra .224 77 gr Hollow Point, Boat Tail, box's of 50.
Trade £18.49 View Dealer's Store

Bettinsoli - Silver

Bettinsoli Silver 12g.
Trade £600 View Dealer's Store

Cogswell & Harrison Victor - Windsor

Cogswell & Harrison "Windsor" 12g.
Trade £985 View Dealer's Store

Browning - T-Bolt

Browning T-Bolt Sporter in .22lr
Trade £538 View Dealer's Store

Rizzini, E. - Argo

Rizzini "Argo" 12g Shotgun.
Trade £900 View Dealer's Store

Glock - 30 Gen 3

Gen3 30 in .45. Glocks best selling .45 caliber pistol, the model 30 packs a big punch in a compact design. Coming with a ten round mag as standard t...
Trade £675 View Dealer's Store

Fabarm - Elos Delux

Fabarm Elos Delux 12g. Absolutely mint condition!
Trade £1550 View Dealer's Store

Remington - Versa-Max Tactical.

Remington Versa-Max Tactical 12g. Designed for out of the box reliability and accuracy the Versa-Max Tactical features e...
Trade £1450 View Dealer's Store
Showing Items21 - 40 of 249