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Name:The Bridge Guns and Tackle Ltd
Description:Located on Butcher Street, Strabane, we stock a wide range of fishing and shooting gear from great brand names. We are open Monday - Saturday 9-5.30
Address:19-21 Butcher Street, Strabane, Tyrone
Postcode: BT82 8B
Landline No.:02871880826
Specialises In:We stock a wide range of hunting clothes and accessories, dog training equipment, reloading gear, ammo @ competative prices and plenty of sporting firearms. Call in to the shop to see our full range!
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Walther - Colt Gold Cup

Walther/Colt Gold Cup in .22lr. A fine example of a 1911 clone in rimfire the Gold Cup features fully adjustable target sights, long skeletonized tri...
Trade £400 View Dealer's Store

G.S.G. - 1911

GSG 1911 in .22lr. A very well made 1911 copy in rimfire featuring a three dot sight set, enhanced beaver tail, ambidexterous safety, long skeletoniz...
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Baikal - 12 bore o/u shotgun

Baikal 12g O/U. A mint condition second hand 12g from Russia. A real workhorse which will last you the rest of your life. Features a single trigger a...
Trade £350 View Dealer's Store

Chiappa - 1892 Trapper

Chiappa Model 1892 Trapper Lever Action .38/.357 Rifle. A brand new copy of Winchester's famous 1892 design by Italian manufacturer Chiappa. This gre...
Trade £500 View Dealer's Store

Walther - P22

Walther P22 .22lr Semi-Auto Pistol. A used P22 in perfect working order. This excellent training/target pistol features poymer and alloy construction...
Trade £250 View Dealer's Store

Riflecraft .30cal Moderator.

A used .30 cal Hardy Gen 4 moderator from Riflecraft threaded to M18x1
Trade £200 View Dealer's Store

Wildcat .30 cal Moderator

A used .30 cal Wildcat Evolution moderator threaded to 14x1.
Trade £200 View Dealer's Store

Schultz & Larsen .30 cal Moderator.

A used Schultz & Larsen .30 cal Superdome Duobreak moderator threaded to 1/2 x 20 UNEF.
Trade £200 View Dealer's Store

CZ - 527

C.Z. 527 in .222 Remington. One of the best value hunting rifles on the market, the 527 features a twenty four inch barrel threaded 1/2 x 20 UNF, a B...
Trade £450 View Dealer's Store

Dan Arms - 12g

Dan Arms 12g Over and Under 12g Shotgun. A used twelve guage featuring twenty eight inch barrels choked to half and a quarter, brass bead sight, manu...
Trade £425 View Dealer's Store

CZ - 457 Royal

C.Z. 457 Royal in .17HMR Package. This package features the new 457 from C.Z. which we have available in both the 16" and 20" free floating barrels. ...
Trade £799 View Dealer's Store

Hatsan - ESCORT

Hatsan Escort 20g Semi-Auto Shotgun. A used 20g featuring a twenty four inch barrel with brass bead sight, rubber butt pad and a trigger guard mounte...
Trade £200 View Dealer's Store

Hatsan - ESCORT

Hatsan Escort 12g Semi-Auto Shotgun. A very little used 12g semi-auto from Turkey. The Escort features a twenty eight inch polymer coated barrel, bla...
Trade £225 View Dealer's Store

Midland - .

Midland Double Barrel 12g. A nice, Birmingham made example of a style of shotgun which is becomming increasingly more popular once again. Featuring i...
Trade £450 View Dealer's Store

Steyr - HB Tactical

Steyr HB Tactical in .308 Win. Popular with police and military, the HB Tactical features a 4 shot deatachable polymer magazine, a target crown and a...
Trade £1150 View Dealer's Store

BSA - Game

B.S.A. O/U Game Gun in 28g. A used 28g in very good condition featuring twenty eight inch barrels, a tang mounted automatic safety/barrel selector wi...
Trade £695 View Dealer's Store

S&B .22 Hornet Brass Cases.

Bags of twenty unprimed brass cases in calibre .22 Hornet from Sellier & Bellot.
Trade £9.50 View Dealer's Store

Lapua .223 Brass Cases.

100 .223 Remington unprimed brass cases from Lapua.
Trade £65.00 View Dealer's Store

Lapua .308Win Brass Cases.

100 unprimed cases in calibre .308 Win from Lapua.
Trade £63.00 View Dealer's Store

Enfield #4 MK 2 Furniture.

Full set of .303 Enfield #4 MK2 furniture including butt stock, main action, upper and lower fore-end hand guards and brass butt plate. All well prese...
Trade £150 View Dealer's Store
Showing Items1 - 20 of 210